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Eligibility for Right to Manage is defined by a small number of key criteria listed below. One of the key stumbling blocks is whether there is a need for more than one RTM process. The RTM legislation requires that where a blocks are vertically separated it must go through its own Right to Manage process. This means that a single building with multiple entrances could theoretically be required to undertake multiple Right to Manage processes. There are a number of provisions however related to shared services which would mitigate this requirement. If you are in any doubt please call us on 0207 1188 400 and we will be happy to discuss the specifics of your block and provide guidance on eligibility.

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Based on the information you have provided, you are likely to be eligible for the right to manage process.

The total cost for our fees for the process will be £undefined to be split between participating flats. The process takes 5 months from start to finish - this is due to delays imposed by statute. Our process is the fastest in the industry due to the automation we have put in place.

Under the legislation, you are liable for payment of the reasonable legal fees of the freeholder and will not usually be incurred if they do not appoint a solicitor. We cannot unfortunately provide an estimate of those costs as they are particular to the amount of work undertaken by the freeholders solicitor but they must be reasonable. You can contest these by letter to the tribunal if you feel their fees are too high. We can undertake this work for you for but the costs can vary on a case by case basis. Our charge for challenging the freeholders legal costs will usually be between £400-£600 for a simple case.

If the matter should have to go to a tribunal for determination (ie, in the rare event that the freeholder may contest the claim) then our fees would be £undefined including VAT for preparation of the trial bundles x 7 and attendance to the hearing on your behalf, if required. This charge includes the fee of £300 levied by the Tribunal service. There is sometimes no valid reason why a freeholder may contest right to manage claims - unfortunately, there is no provision in the legislation to recover your costs if this scenario arises and this is the only way to proceed at this junction. If you wish to withdraw from the process before incurring fees, you can do so. We can formally withdraw the notice of claim for you for a fee of £20 per flat, including VAT subject to a minimum of £200 including VAT.

If you wish to go to the tribunal but cannot raise the funds to do so, we can do this work in return for your signing up with our firm for management for a period of 1 year minimum. Where we have agreed with you to manage your block for 1 year and as a result of this, your RTM fees are to be refunded, then this offer of attending the tribunal hearings in return for management would have to extend to 2 years.

If you wish to begin and RTM application you can do so through our online client area. Please follow the registration process and once logged in click on "RTM".

Once you are logged in to our online client area, please click on Start your right to manage process and complete the relevant form.

If you have any further questions, please either reply to the email sent to you by our sales team or telephone them on undefined.

We regularly check all other firms to ensure we are cheaper than their prices, however, if you should find the same service elsewhere for less then we will undercut their best price by 10% upon presentation of a written quotation presented to us by email.

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