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Block Management

At Canonbury we’ve listened to our clients and developed property management services to accommodate your specific needs - delivering tailored solutions that allow our team to manage your block in the most effective way possible. We offer a best in the industry management service, helping our clients deliver their needs at a cost effective overall price. We can spend more time with our clients and keep our charges below normal for high standard management services due to our bespoke and highly efficient IT systems

We can provide a level of management that meets your requirements - offering a total hands-on approach or stepping back to put control of the day-to-day management in your hands. This versatility has helped Canonbury to become one of the foremost block management companies in London, and we offer a comprehensive service that can give you the freedom to enjoy greater benefits from your property investment.

Right to Manage

Would you like to take control of your block of flats so you can decide how your service charge monies are spent? With Right to Manage you can do just that. There are a small number of qualifying criteria but if your block is eligible, we can help you through the process quickly and easily.

The Commonhold and Leasehold reform Act 2002 allows leasehold tenants to remove the company which manages their block and replace it with a better management company. This process can be difficult to complete without help so Canonbury have automated the process to allow it to be done without any risk of failure (where the client provides the correct information and follows our advice) and at the lowest cost possible. Contact us today and let us help you get control of your own building.

About Canonbury Management

Our company was formed in 2003 and since then we have assisted thousands of leaseholders obtain the Right to Manage so they can collectively control their own destiny. We continue to invest in our IT infrastructure most recently with a £1.5m complete rebuild of every aspect of our management systems so we can better serve our clients and improve our internal efficiency. The end effect is that we can better serve our clients for a lower cost whilst ensuring we provide an enjoyable working environment for our many staff.

Woolwich Central SE18 6GW

Woolwich Central is a flagship Tesco development comprising a superstore with 259 residential flats above. Canonbury Management took over in 2016 when the final flat was sold and the residential portion of the development transferred to the residents control. Prior to our takeover there were significant issues with over charging by the superior landlord and after several months of determined work, Canonbury managed to obtain a reduction in historic service charges of over £250,000 and further significant savings totalling over £100,000 in ongoing management costs.

“With our continual strive to improve the efficiency of our management services and systems, we aim to continually reduce your service charge costs in real terms”

Service Charge Calculator

Would you like to know what it would cost to manage your block? All you need do is provide some information about the services and instalations at your block / development and our comprehensive cost estimator we can give you a detailed breakdown of the likely service charge for a years management.

RTM Quote Calculator

Would you like to know if your building or development is eligible for the Right to Manage process? With our 1 minute calculator you can do just that and find out how much it will cost. From there you can start your application directly to take the first step in egtting control of the management of your building.